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    Year 11 Revision Timetable 2018

    Year 11 After School Revision Final Three Weeks P6


    Subject Revision

    (Select the subject name below to expand the resources)


    Use these websites to help your revision. Click on the links to open the pages. (Highlighted in Blue)


    Mymaths              You should already have login details

    Method Maths     You should already have login details

    Centre ID:  allsaintsd

    Username: Firstname

    Password:  SURNAME

    Past papers in an excel spreadsheet, shows progress either through a paper or through a topic.



    Your booklets have your username and password. Any issues please see Mr Bowes.


    BBC BiteSize

    They say the old ones are the best, and this is still probably the best one-stop place to call in for notes, examples, interactive solutions and questions for you to have a go at yourself. Each question has its level next to it, and you can even download a big revision check-list to make sure you there will be no nasty surprises in the exam. What more could you want in a website?


    The Maths Teacher

    A fantastic set of videos taking you step by step through GCSE and A Level topics.

    Not only are the videos really well presented, but each one comes accompanied by a set of notes and questions for you to try complete with fully worked solutions.

    A phenomenal resource. You are very lucky! 🙂



    An excellent set of high quality maths revision videos taking you through all the big nasty topics – laws of indices, trigonometry, surds – they are all there, and all explained slowly and clearly.

    An excellent revision tool.


    Interactive Maths Puzzles

    Quite a few decent puzzles covering a wide range of topics. Many puzzles rely on the use of “matching things”. Good for a quick revision of topics, and it shouldn’t give you too much of a headache.



    I know that doing a maths puzzle may not seem like the best way to spend 20 minutes, but if you do one puzzle a day off this site, it’ll do you a lot more good than reading over your textbook again and again.

    These puzzles teach you how to think and solve problems, which are essential skills for success at maths.

    Each puzzle comes complete with a worked answer. This site might just help you enjoy your maths more, so I would give it a go.


    Mr Barton Maths

    Has a variety of different very useful topic and information resources, aimed at both pupils and parents



    General Revision Guidance

    GCSE Science skills

    Guide to Maths for Scientists

    GCSE Sciences guide for parents

    Chemistry Paper 1

    Biology Paper 1

    Physics Paper 1


    Separate Biology


     SB1  SB2  SB3 SB4
     SB5 SB6  SB7  SB8


    Revision Cards

    Separate Biology



    Separate Chemistry


     SC1-2  SC3  SC4  SC5-7
     SC8  SC9  SC10-13  SC14
     SC15  SC16  SC17  SC18
     SC19  SC20  SC21  SC22
     SC23  SC24  SC25  SC26


    Revision Cards

    Separate Chemistry



    Separate Physics


     SP1  SP2  SP3  SP4-5
     SP6  SP7  SP8  SP9
     SP10  SP11  SP12  SP13


    Revision Cards

    Separate Physics



    Combined Biology


     CB1  CB2  CB3  CB4
     CB5  CB6  CB7  CB8


    Revision Cards

    Combined and Separate Biology



    Combined Chemistry


     CC1-2  CC3  CC4  CC5-7
     CC8  CC9  CC10-12  CC13
     CC14  CC15  CC16-17


    Revision Cards

    Combined and Separate Chemistry



    Combined Physics


     CP1  CP2  CP3  CP4-5
     CP6  CP7-8  CP10-11  CP12-13


    Revision Cards

    Combined and Separate Physics




    Please remember you need to complete your ITQ coursework. All four units must be complete including: Powerpoint Presentations, Improving Productivity, Spreadsheet Software and Word Processing task. This can be done from home using your individual robust username and password at the following link If any students have lost their password or user IDs you can contact Mr Bowes via the school email system and he will send it out to you.

    Business Studies


    GCSE Business Studies


    Unit 1 – Introduction to Small Business

    1.1 Spotting a Business Opportunity

    1.2 Showing Enterprise

    1.3 Putting a Business Idea into Practice

    1.4 Making the Start-up effective

    1.5 Understanding the Economic Context


    Unit 4 – Business and Finance

    Topic 4.1 Communication

    Topic 4.2 Communication with stakeholders of a business

    Topic 4.3 Business communication tools

    Topic 4.4 Communication via the web



    BTEC First Award in Business


    Unit 1 – Enterprise in the Business World



    Unit 2 – Business and Finance


    Unit 3 – Promoting  a Brand

    BTEC Business TAP Unit 3


    Unit 4 -Principles of Customer Service

    BTEC Business TAP Unit 4



    Essential websites: (for exam & grammar practice and vocabulary list) (for exam paper practice; it includes mark schemes) (useful vocab and clips to practise with) (excellent vocabulary building/memorising website) (if you enjoy practising listening with songs) (for reading & grammar practice)


    Exam format:

    Paper 1: Listening       25%    Listening to passages & responding to questions

    Paper 2: Speaking        25% (April 30th –May 2nd) Role play, photo card & short conversation

    Paper 3: Reading         25%    Reading texts & responding to questions & translation

    Paper 4: Writing          25%    Writing sentences and texts in foreign language and translation


    MFL Documents

    French GCSE Speaking handout

    GCSE course content 2018

    GCSE essential websites

    GCSE exam format 2018

    Spanish GCSE Speaking handout

    Y11 French Reading practice

    Y11 Spanish Reading practice




    Topic Checklist


    Assessment Materials


    End-of-Unit- Assessment – NORMANS PART ONE

    Yr11 AP1 – answer spare paper Markscheme

    Yr11 AP1 – NORMANS

    Yr11 AP1 answer booklet



    Yr11 AP2 PLC


    Paper 1

    AP2 Mark scheme

    Castles 1

    Paper 1 QP

    Yr11 History AP2 Paper 1 answer booklet

    Paper 2

    End-of-Unit- Assessment – NORMANS PART ONE

    Paper 2 Normans QP

    Yr11 History AP2 Paper 2 answer booklet



    Conflict and Tension 1894-1918


    Yr11 AP3 C+T PLC

    Yr11 History AP3 answer booklet C+T

    Yr11 History AP3 WW1 question paper C+T



    Yr11 AP3 answer booklet USA

    Yr11 AP3 PLC USA

    Yr11 History AP3 USA question paper USA



    Paper 1

    USA QP

    USA SP

    WW1 QP

    WW1 SP

    Paper 2

    Medicine QP

    Medicine SP

    Normans QP

    Normans SP


    Paper 1 Revision Resources

    Conflict and Tension 1894-1918

    1. Revision pack Conflict and Tension


    WW1 booklet Exam-Technique


    USA – Opportunity and Inequality


    USA 1920-1973 revision notes

    USA Revision-Guide PART 1 USA CHECKLIST

    USA Revision-Guide PART 2

    USA Revision-Guide PART 3


    Paper 2 Revision Resources

    Health and the People, c1000 to present day


    Revision guide part 1

    Revision guide part 2

    Revision-Guide 1 – Medicine Stands Still

    Norman England 1066-c1100

    3. Resource Pack for Durham Cathedral

    Durham 4 – Cathedral Booklet

    Norman-Revision-Topic-2 Norman-Revision-Topic-1


    normans CHECKLISTS