Support for Sixth Form Students

    All Saints Academy provides a full programme of Enrichment and Academy Work Experience so that you are kept fully informed of current and future events. Students can access careers advice and UCAS support to make these decisions easier.

    “Sixth formers are provided with sufficient guidance as they prepare for examinations and appropriate support in making applications for higher education, employment and training. They are well prepared for the next stage of their education and the world of work.” Ofsted, 2017

    Non-Contact Time

    Each Level 3 subject typically receives four taught hours per week (Some Qualifications are larger and therefore attract more time). This means that students in Sixth Form have a range of non-contact sessions in which to do private study, revision or coursework. Students have access to the study room and the library throughout the day and can even spend their free time in curriculum areas with subject staff if they choose to.  Students will typically have four guided study hours timetabled across the week during which they are expected to undertake independent study in the quiet study room.  Students will have other sessions where they can choose to work in the study room or the more relaxed common room.

    The quiet study room is well equipped with round desks and chairs which provide the perfect space for students to concentrate and work.  There are plenty of plug sockets so that students can use their laptops all day.  There is also an interactive white board which enables to room to be used for Sixth Form Assemblies and group activities.

    The common room is also well equipped with soft furnishings, desk areas, tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave.  This makes it a popular choice for students wishing to work in a more relaxed environment.  It is the top choice for students wishing to discuss learning or carryout group work.

    Sixth Form Leadership and Student Voice

    Students in the Sixth Form can apply to be Head Boy/Head Girl, or Deputy Head Boy/Head Girl, and join the Sixth Form leadership team. They work closely with Student Voice to ensure that Sixth Form ideas are listened to and this provides excellent experience for future UCAS, apprenticeship or job applications.

    Sixth form students also have the opportunity to take on roles within the Academy house system.  This also provides experience of leadership which can support applications for UCAS, careers and beyond.


    Sixth Form students are offered a range of curriculum and pastoral trips, visits and talks by outside speakers throughout the academic year.