At All Saints Academy, we have our Christian faith at the heart of our community, with respect, acceptance of different views and Christian morals promoted throughout all our activities. Our vision of “Living Well Together in Dignity, Faith and Hope translates into our everyday practice. The values of faith and hope are particularly relevant in this policy. We see education as a ‘gift’ and that all students should have faith and trust in our core beliefs and gain valuable learning experience through the curriculum especially in particular subjects such as Religious Studies and Learning to Learn.


    Curriculum Statement

    All Saints Academy, in keeping with our Christian ethos, is committed to providing an outstanding quality of education for all students allowing each individual to achieve their full potential regardless of ability, heritage or background. Our vision is “Living Well Together in Dignity, Faith and Hope” and this translates into our everyday practice. The value of dignity is particularly relevant when we consider the needs of students with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities as we want to promote a curriculum which is inclusive and accessible by all.

    We recognise the value of parents/carers in supporting their children and will look to engage them in planning to meet the academic and pastoral needs of each individual.

    Through our links with the University of Bedfordshire, local businesses and other providers we are able to offer a range of visits, work experience and enrichment activities to enhance students’ wider learning opportunities.


    Definition of the Curriculum

    The curriculum is deemed to be a range of formal and informal courses and experiences to which all students will have access. Curriculum provision will provide stretch, support and challenge, allowing students to flourish and make rapid progress. Students with particular learning needs are suitably supported enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Academy and to succeed in their learning. We want to create in our learners’ high aspirations and a sense of purpose in order to achieve their full potential.

    For further information on the curriculum being offered within each curriculum area please follow Link Here