Uniform and Dress Code:

    Since becoming an Academy, we have introduced a new uniform and dress code for the Sixth Form, which we believe is a statement of intent. The way in which we dress has a massive impact on how we perform and on how we feel about ourselves. Consequently, we think our new uniform gives us a distinct identity that reflects our Academy status. Highlighting our specialism in Business, the dress code for our older students means that Sixth Formers wear suits – just as they would within a professional environment.


    Code of conduct:

    We have extremely high expectations for the behaviour of our students at all times. During lessons and in Tutor time we expect all our students:

    To give their best attention
    To work their hardest
    To listen carefully when an adult is speaking
    To be respectful to other students
    To be ambitious for themselves and the people they are working with


    Ambition and Opportunity:

    With our excellent facilities, not least our investment in ICT and in the Learning Resource Centre, we trust that we have provided our students with a solid platform from which to achieve their full potential. In addition, due to enhanced funding which an Academy is privileged to receive, we have been able to appoint staff of the highest calibre, each of whom is determined to enable our students to make the most of their opportunities.


    And Finally…

    Aspire, Strive, Achieve

    These are the words chosen by our Student Leadership Team to represent what we are all aiming for at All Saints Academy. We hope that these words will be an inspiration to successive generations of students at All Saints.