Welcome to Sixth Form

    Our aim is to support all sixth form students to achieve their chosen personal goals.  To enable students to reach these goals we offer a wide range of courses ensuring that there is a suitable pathway for all. Students can expect support from the Head of Sixth Form, Deputy and Assistant Principals for Upper School, Heads of House and specialist academic staff.  Students will also have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities and structured Character Education, which is designed to develop students’ character alongside their academic development.

    The All Saints Academy Sixth Form (GOOD – OFSTED 2019) is a small Sixth Form.  This means that students will get personalised support and attention from both pastoral and academic staff, who have knowledge of their specific needs.  The Sixth Form is formal with students expected to be on site every day where they will be in subject lessons, character education assemblies, tutorials, guided study or common room.  The small size and formal nature of the Sixth Form provides a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can reach their full potential.

    We welcome applications to All Saints Academy Sixth Form from both existing and external students (who meet our entry requirements) and are in the process of seeking students to start in September 2022.  We also welcome in year applications from students wishing to join our inclusive Sixth Form.

    Ms Dulieu, Head of Sixth Form

    ‘Being a student at All Saints Sixth Form has provided me with many opportunities to work on my character and confidence. I found the jump from GCSEs to A-Levels very difficult, but with the smaller classes, it gives a lot more time for one-to-one support, and the teachers are able to adapt their lessons to work with the class.  We have many more opportunities to speak up if we do not understand something. Recently, I have experienced the support the school has to offer with personal statements, everyone is more than willing to help and with their continual support, I now feel I will be ready to submit my UCAS application later on this month. This year I am Head Girl, which is providing me with many opportunities to work on my leadership skills and gain experience within the school setting.’

    ‘All Saints Academy Sixth Form has allowed me to develop a range of skills as a young adult, in preparation for post-18 options. Acting as Head Boy for the school has allowed me to work with all students from year 7-11 and improve their experiences whilst studying here. The leaders and teachers do their best to support students, tackling issues from an unbiased and friendly perspective. The classes are small so everyone gets a chance to contribute and no one is left behind! This in turn has allowed a progressive environment, allowing a friendly vibe around the building.’