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    Jackie Proctor
    Jackie Proctor
    Assistant Principal - SEND & PP
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    At All Saints Academy, our vision is that we “Live Well Together in Dignity, Faith and Hope”. Our goal is to maximize the educational opportunities of all students within our community, in a stimulating and caring environment.  We are determined to meet the educational needs of all our students.

    Some students will have a greater difficulty in learning than other children of their age.  Some may have disabilities, which prevent or hinder them making the use of the facilities provided for our students.  We will give these students individual consideration and make special provision for them, working in partnership with others as necessary.  Our intention is that the needs of all students are identified and met as soon as possible.

    All students whether they have special educational needs or not, must have an equal opportunity to participate in the full curriculum of the academy and all activities.  Students with special educational needs will be encouraged to become independent and take responsibility within the academy. Everyone in the academy community – governors, staff, students and parents – has a positive and active part to play in achieving this aim.  For further information please follow the link to our SEND policy.

    Click Here for the Send Policy


    The Local Authority Offer

    The Children and Families Bill 2014 places requirements on local authorities and schools to publish and keep under review information about the services available for children and young people with Special educational Needs (SEND) aged 0-25. This is called the “Local Offer”.

    The Local Offer is designed to improve choice for families in an open and transparent way. It is an important resource for parents, families and professionals in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.