All Saints Academy prides itself on the high number of students who choose to cycle to and from school. As a result, we have over 100 cycles on site on most days.  Cycling brings great health benefits to our students, as well as offering a practical and affordable means of transport.
    Whilst we want to encourage cycling as a means of transport, we also need to ensure that all our cyclists are safe on their journey. All Saints has been fortunate enough to receive support from Sustrans who have delivered assemblies and workshops to all year groups, highlighting the key safety aspects of cycling to and from school, emphasising the need for bright or reflective clothing, working brakes and a well fitted helmet. We have also recently begun joint work with Bedfordshire Police, who will also be supporting us with ensuring our students are cycling in the correct manner to both protect themselves, pedestrians and other motorists.
    New students are issued with a Cycling Registration form. This enables them to register their bike with the Academy and demonstrate their commitment to the Academy Safe Cycling Scheme. This new scheme allows us to support cyclists, identify any cycles which are damaged or go missing but also means that we can issue sanctions for who do not meet our expectations for safe cycling and cycling ownership. As an incentive to join the scheme, those registered benefit from entry into raffles to win cycling equipment and also free bike safety checks.
    We take responsibility for the cycling behaviours of our students on the Academy site and our concern for students does extend to the time they spend travelling to and from the Academy. Where students are behaving in an unsafe manner, and can clearly be identified as members of the Academy, we will take action, issue sanctions and report to the authorities as appropriate. We encourage all members of the public who witness unsafe cycling by our students to contact us with a detailed description of the student and/or the cycle.

    To report incidences of concern or to discuss the safer cycling scheme, please contact Nick Carter at the Academy on 01582 619 700.