Electives and Lunchtime Club Programme – 2021/2022

    The Electives and Lunchtime Club Programme is extensive and offers students at All Saints Academy a wonderful opportunity to experience enrichment activities. The enrichment opportunities at All Saints Academy help our students to improve in the following areas;

    • Developing their interests and talents.
    • Enabling students to develop their character, including resilience, confidence and independence.
    • Teaching students how to keep physically and mentally healthy.
    • Preparing students for future success.
    • Equipping students to be responsible, respectful and active citizens.

    Elective and Lunchtime activity choices are selected every half-term giving a breadth of experiences across the school year. We encourage all of our students make the most of this unique offer here at All Saints Academy.

    The Electives and Lunchtime programme runs every day, both at lunchtime and after-school. The activities that are available to our students include;


    Elective Offers 2021-2022
    Astronomy Club
    Baking Lessons
     Beat Boxing
     Bullet Journaling
    Chess club
    Cheer Leading
    Colouring Club
    Cooking on a budget
    Creative Writing
    Dance Club
    Drama Club (school shows)
    Elite Dance Company
    Forensic Science
    Girls Football
    Interview Skills
    Keyboard/Piano club
    Kodu Computer Programming
    Learn how to play the recorder
    Learning to juggle
    Lego Club
    Making Scientific Models
    Philosophy Club
    Running for Health
    Song Writing
    STEM Club
    Stock Market Club
    This Student Can! Building Confidence in and outside
    the classroom mentoring group
    Traditional Card Games
    Twisty Cube Puzzle Club
    Water Colouring

    Lunchtime Clubs

    Lunch Time Activities
      Allotment – Allotmenteers
      Dance Club  
      MUGA – Basketball
      Reflection Centre – Board Games / Puzzlers
      Reflection Centre – House / Year Gardener
      Main Hall – Digital Games
      Fitness Equipment at Top of Field
    Fitness – P.E
      Top of Field – Ultimate Frisbee
      Football – Astro Turf
      Reading / Library Club
      Sports Hall – Table Tennis
      Sports Hall Badminton