All Saints Academy Sixth Form welcomes applications from both current students and external candidates.

    Internal Candidates (current year 11 students) will all have the opportunity to go through the formal sixth form application process during the autumn term of Year 11.  We always encourage as many of our students as possible to continue their academic journey at All Saints Academy.  Students in Year 11 are expected to complete the internal application form in order to apply.  Students will also need to strive to meet the entrance requirements and will need a supportive reference from their Tutor and Head of Year

    External Candidates will need to complete the ‘external Candidate’ application form.  External students will need to demonstrate that they have met the entrance requirements for the courses that they wish to study.  External students will also need to write a supporting statement explaining why they wish to study at All Saints Academy.


    Sixth Form students are expected to arrive on site no later than 8:25am and will remain on site (except for lunchtime) until the end of the day at 3pm.  Students are expected to strive for 100% attendance in order to best support their learning and personal development.

    If students have a planned absence, e.g. medical appointment, they must complete a leave of absence form and submit to the relevant members of staff who will note their absence. Students should arrange appointments outside of school hours where possible so their attendance is not affected. If an emergency appointment is booked, students should complete their leave of absence on their return so registers can be updated correctly. For any planned absence we ask for evidence to be provided.

    If students are unwell or unable to attend the Academy for personal reasons, we ask that a parent or carer call or email to inform the attendance officer, who will mark them absent on the registers. Is it important that all absences are reported promptly for health and safety reasons.


    As part of the Academy Platinum Perfection initiative all students in the Academy are rewarded for good punctuality, attendance and attitude to learning. Example rewards include trips, vouchers and confectionary items to congratulate them on their hard work


    Students in the Sixth Form are involved in a range of enrichment sessions on a weekly basis. Students have the opportunity to attend elective sessions which provide students with experiences beyond the curriculum.  Students also take the lead on electives for students in the lower school.  This involvement ranges from supporting staff to setting up and organising electives.The lower school students certainly appreciate the time and effort that the sixth form students spare to broaden the elective choice

    The sixth form students are involved in the whole school enrichment activities and events.  They will support lower school parents evenings, the whole school remembrance event and open evenings and other worthwhile events. They are given opportunities to attend trips for their subjects to enhance their knowledge. We also provide students with opportunities that will help them to enrich and support their UCAS applications and CVs.

    Enrichment TypeYear groupLinks
    EPQ13Super curricular and Aim Higher
    GCSE Retakes12 and 13Post 18 choices
    House leadership team sessions12 and 13Leadership and team work skills
    SEN support12 and 13Community
    KS3 literacy support (reading lessons in library)12 and 13Community
    Careers Appointments13Next Steps
    MOOCS Courses12Aim Higher
    Individualised Sessions including working with site agents13Leadership and team work skills
    Work experience Year 1313W/C 21st November 2023
    Student Parliament – British Youth Council
    House Charity – Ollie Foundation