16-19 Tuition Fund Statement:  All Saints Academy Dunstable


    The Purpose of this statement is to describe how All Saints Academy Sixth Form will utilise its 16 – 19 Tuition Fund.

    The Fund

    The aim of the 16 – 19 Tuition Fund is to mitigate disruption to learning and other forms of disadvantage that are a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The 16 – 19 Tuition Fund is ring-fenced for schools, colleges and Sixth forms, meaning it can only be used for this purpose.

    Who will the fund support?

    The fund is to support students age 16 – 18 who have been disadvantaged by missed learning; who have not achieved grades 4 or 5 in English and/or maths; who have been disadvantaged in other ways as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; and students who have special educational needs and disabilities and aged 19-24.

    How we will use this funding

    Primarily, the funding will be used to provide additional small group (5 – 7 learners) tutoring to help prepare students for GCSE English and maths Resits.  The funding will also be used to provide 1:1 tuition for some students to help them prepare for GCSE English and maths resits. 

    We will also use the funding to provide extra small group (5-7 students) support for students to catch up on other vocational subjects and A level qualifications where learning has been disrupted.

    The tuition provided by this funding will be in addition to the timetabled lessons and sessions that the students already follow.

    Who will have access to the additional support provided?

    All Saints Academy will identify students in need of catch up support based on prior attainment in GCSE English and Maths in order to support students who have not reached the threshold of grade 4 or above in these subjects.  Additionally prior assessment data will be used to identify students who will need additional support to catch up in other subjects.  SEN data will also be used to target catch up to students with special educational needs and disabilities to catch up in other subjects and qualifications.

    Who will provide the tuition?

    Primarily Academy staff will provide additional Tuition and where this is not possible, or where focussed specialist tuition is required, the Academy will employ tutors from outside the Academy to deliver sessions.