Student Leadership

    In the Sixth Form we have many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles


    Head Boy and Head Girl

    Layton McCann and Yasmin Meziane


    Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

    Daniel Agnew and Caitlin Jones


    House Leaders

    Courage – Clive Theuri and Charlotte Bass

    Respect – Layton McCann and Alecsandru Sion

    Determination – Yasmin Meziane and Daniel Mimer

    Inspiration – Daniel Agnew and Caitlin Jones

    Excellence – Tyler Uzzell and Harry Dutnall


    Importance of Sixth Form student leadership

    The role of Head Boy/Head Girl is an important one and when appointed students will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility. It is also a very exciting one and will give the students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and have significant influence on the daily life of the school.

    Responsibilities of Sixth Form Leaders include:

    • Help new Year 7 students settle in
    • Fundraising for charity
    • Discussing Sixth Form issues or ideas
    • Arranging social events for Sixth Form
    • Entries for the school newsletter
    • Supporting or being part of Student Voice
    • Help with parent’s evenings and other school events
    • Providing visitors with tours of the Academy