All Saints Academy Attendance Leaflet 


    At All Saints Academy Dunstable, we take attendance seriously.

    Our attendance target is 95%. To maintain this we have strict procedures in place.

    All lessons and tutor periods are registered using Edulink. This enables tracking of student attendance throughout the school day, not just at AM and PM registration times. We also utilise KeepKidsSafe, a web based programme that integrates with our existing systems and is invaluable in allowing us to notify parents/carers of a child’s absence from school quickly and efficiently, via text, voice or email.

    There is a robust system of tracking attendance in force; the Attendance Manager collates and checks the registers, monitors lateness to school by being present at the gate every morning, and makes random checks on known lesson truants. The Attendance Manager also has daily contact with parents / carers who notify the school of reasons for absence. A First Day Contact system is in place, with messages sent to parents/carers via KeepKidsSafe initially or by direct contact with the parent/carer where appropriate.

    The Attendance Manager works alongside Tutors and Achievement leaders, implementing strategies to improve attendance. Should there be a sudden change in a student’s attendance pattern or if attendance is persistently low (below 90%), the Academy may arrange a meeting or Attendance Panel to discuss the situation with parents/carers, the student and any other professional where appropriate. If necessary, students can be referred to the Education Welfare Officer, when a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued, or opened as a live case.

    Strict protocols are adhered to if a student’s attendance falls below the target of 95%. Early intervention is seen as vital in improving attendance and implementation of strategies for individual students takes place when appropriate.

    Parents/carers are reminded that medical appointments are made for out of school hours, as far as possible; we do appreciate that this is sometimes impossible, in which case we would ask that students only take the necessary time out of school, not the whole day. Medical evidence will be requested for students with attendance concerns.


    All absences should be reported at the earliest possible convenience on the first day of absence, by calling the Academy on 01582 619700.

    Important information about Holidays In Term Time


    The Academy is pleased to be able to report that we have the lowest level of persistent absentees since the Academy opened. (A persistent absentee is a student with attendance below 90%)

    Lates have also dramatically reduced and are also at the lowest ever level.

    We thank you for your continued support.