It is the right of every young person to receive a full-time education, and to do this they must attend school regularly.  We want all of our students to have 100% attendance, but we aim for a minimum of 95% as there is a strong correlation between good attendance and GCSE outcomes. 

    Good attendance is closely linked to our virtues, particularly those of self-mastery and gratitude. We also fulfil our caring ethos as a Church Academy by ensuring that as many students as possible can attend every day that they are able, supported by our staff who embrace our virtues and by ensuring that every student is safe on every day that the Academy is open.

    If a student does not arrive to school, their tutor will call home during morning registration to establish the reason for the absence.  This is an opportunity for parents/carers to communicate with tutors and to address any issues.  There may be follow up calls or door knocks from members of the attendance team to encourage good attendance, this is a supportive measure and is in place to help the student get back into school as quickly as possible. 

    The Attendance Officer will work with families where there are long-term absences to ensure that the student returns to the Academy as quickly as possible to continue with their education.  This may involve meetings with the Head of Year, an Assistant Principal or a representative from the Local Authority to put steps in place to support the return to the Academy. 

    Please arrange all medical appointments outside of school hours as this negatively impacts on attendance, but if they cannot then evidence should be provided.  If a student’s attendance falls below 90%, medical evidence must be provided for all absences. 


    All absences should be reported at the earliest possible convenience on the first day of absence, by calling the Academy on 01582 619700.