Our Academy vision is “Living Well Together in Dignity, Faith and Hope”. We aspire to take dignified decisions and afford dignity to all members of our community, regardless of background or circumstance. Our position as a Voluntary Aided Church Academy means that the Christian faith has a central role in all of our actions and decisions. We strive for excellence in all that we do, enabling our student to transform their lives and to hope for happy and successful futures.


    At All Saints Academy not all learning takes place inside a classroom: we believe that educational visits are an important component of our curriculum giving hope to our students. We prioritise activities which widen our students’ experiences and raise their aspirations. Visits give our students opportunities to develop resourcefulness and initiative, whilst spending time together more informally. Each trip is different: some are directly related to the curriculum, others are designed to promote social awareness, or enhance physical skills, self-reliance and team-work.  Others will extend their knowledge of the world.  The common factor is that they all broaden the educational experience of our students. Our Educational Visits will range from short activities in the local community to overseas experiences.


    Payments and Paperwork

    The letters on our website show the full cost of any trip or visit and explain payment schedules where they are used. We provide support for all Pupil Premium Students and also operate a hardship fund where additional help is needed. Please email us using our central email address parentcontact@asadunstable.org if you require further information about financial support.

    To help with organisation, our standard medical information form is available to download here.