On 21 November 2013 students from Sixth Form, along with Gifted & Talented Art students from Years 10 and 11, took part in an Islamic Art Workshop. They learned about the principles of Islamic Art and how it shows Unity – a key concept in Islamic culture. Many thanks to Anouar and Maryam from the Milton Keynes Islamic Arts, Culture & Heritage Organisation who planned and ran the sessions.



After a short presentation explaining what Islamic Art is, we were all given a template to trace onto tracing paper, which we then transferred onto tea-stained card. We then used acrylic paints to paint in the different shapes. When all the pieces were finished we put them together to create one large piece of work and it looked really good. Even though it was very time consuming and required a lot of attention to the detail I enjoyed the day and thought that the final outcome was worth it.
Kerrie Loughnane, Year 12



Seeing just how much cultures vary artistically was amazing and inspiring. Slotting all the pieces together to make a beautiful final piece is something I will keep in mind for my own projects in Art. I also learnt how some cultures use art to portray spiritual meanings and religious beliefs. I found the whole day fun, and learning someone else’s views on art was interesting. I never knew that Maths could be so involved in creative drawing and art; the way things in some art are developed using mathematical calculation is really interesting.
Chloe Taylor, Year 10

October 4th, 2016

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