It’s not every day that an academy has a visit from the Central Band of the RAF but All Saints were delighted to host a concert on Friday 10 January, starting the Band’s new season of school visits together with the RAF Careers Service.



The Band performed a fun programme in front of the Councillors John Chatterley and Peter Williams (Town Mayors of Dunstable and Houghton Regis) and a hall full of students. The main hall was flooded with the sounds of military precision and professionalism as arrangements of songs from the charts, well-known tunes and even a medley of Nintendo themes were played by the thirty-two member Band, directed by Warrant Officer Dave Richards.


There were opportunities for audience participation as students yelled pop choruses as the Band played and joined the percussion section for a rendition of
Tea for Two with the Principal, Tom Waterworth, conducting.



WO Richards promised an entertaining programme and it was that and much more. We wish the Band well with its tour around the UK and overseas in the coming months and thank them very much for visiting All Saints.



October 5th, 2016

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On 21 November 2013 students from Sixth Form, along with Gifted & Talented Art students from Years 10 and 11, took part in an Islamic Art Workshop. They learned about the principles of Islamic Art and how it shows Unity – a key concept in Islamic culture. Many thanks to Anouar and Maryam from the Milton Keynes Islamic Arts, Culture & Heritage Organisation who planned and ran the sessions.



After a short presentation explaining what Islamic Art is, we were all given a template to trace onto tracing paper, which we then transferred onto tea-stained card. We then used acrylic paints to paint in the different shapes. When all the pieces were finished we put them together to create one large piece of work and it looked really good. Even though it was very time consuming and required a lot of attention to the detail I enjoyed the day and thought that the final outcome was worth it.
Kerrie Loughnane, Year 12



Seeing just how much cultures vary artistically was amazing and inspiring. Slotting all the pieces together to make a beautiful final piece is something I will keep in mind for my own projects in Art. I also learnt how some cultures use art to portray spiritual meanings and religious beliefs. I found the whole day fun, and learning someone else’s views on art was interesting. I never knew that Maths could be so involved in creative drawing and art; the way things in some art are developed using mathematical calculation is really interesting.
Chloe Taylor, Year 10

October 4th, 2016

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On Monday 09, Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 February 2015, All Saints Academy performed its annual school production – this year, the Wizard of OZ.

Students were incredible during rehearsals and performed two fantastic evening shows, as well as a matinee show for children from local feeder schools.

For all involved it has been an amazing experience and as Head of Production I can honestly say I am truly proud to have worked with such talented young stars!

A huge thank you to all students and staff who made the performances possible.




October 5th, 2015

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On Wednesday 30th of January the year 12 BTEC Art group participated in a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to help generate ideas for their Alice In Wonderland project.

The students are all working towards a BTEC Level 3 qualification in Art and Design and have to work to briefs that simulate real industry experience. In this instance, students are designing a book cover for Lewis Carroll’s famous story.

All students had the opportunity to use the potter’s wheel to create their own cup for the tea party which was decorated with paints and glazes to reflect the nature of the story.

All of the students fully participated with costumes and activities leading to interesting, successful outcomes. Even Miss Anton came along and joined in with a Mad Hatter’s hat!


October 5th, 2013

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Recently, year 10 GCSE art students have been working on 3D sculptures using food as a starting point and Claes Oldenburg as inspiration. The class have produced some giant sculptures working in groups.


Eryin Griffin & Kelsey Taylor

“I think being able to work in a pair or group is easier and better because work gets completed quicker and you get to share ideas to make better work. Mine and Kelsey’s strengths were being able to work together well and combining our ideas to produce a good piece of work. Our weaknesses were going over the paint too much and accurately painting around the icing as it was hard to keep the paint even. I think our piece of work is really good and looks realistic. I will definitely use ideas form this in my next piece of 3D work.” Eryin-Rose Griffin



Ben Watkins, Hayley Aitkens, Georgio Neofitos, Waseem Hassan & Ashley Dickinson

“We started off  by creating the centre curved piece of the banana out of rolled up newspaper and then made the pieces of banana peel out of the same material but with a piece of wire through the middle to hold it in shape. This was all taped together. Strips of modroc were cut and dipped in water. These were plastered over the entire shape. These set into place and dried hard. We painted skin / peel yellow. The flesh was originally going to be multi-coloured but it got ruined when brown paint got on it. Different coloured paint is still splattered over to try and rescue it.

I do like the final piece but it would be better left in the original colours. I enjoyed using modroc and would like to use it again on a different subject. It was very easy to use but it struggled to stay in place on the underside of the peel until it began to dry. At this point it was good to add layers of paint to.” Ben Watkins


Zoe Ashley, Callum Chappell, Ryan grimes, William Hair, Declan Lynch & Aiden Noel


Shane Blattner, Lynzie Edwards, Jordan Langley, Ben Playforth & Frank Warren

October 5th, 2013

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On the 6th March, 3 students currently studying at Central Bedfordshire College came to speak to year 12 art students about the course and the college. They explained how degree level study is different to what the students currently experience and what they could expect from HE and FE. All 3 students had come to the foundation degree course though different routes so the year 12 class were able to benefit from their combined experience.

The group showed some sketchbooks and explained the types of projects, trips, workshops and visits they had practiced on their course. All of the ASAD students were shocked to see the amount of work completed in just 12 weeks! The students then stayed to offer advice and guidance to the year 12 class about their future options and their current artwork.

This was a valuable experience for year 12 and one I hope they have felt the benefit of. At least 25% of the class are planning on going on to further study in creative subjects so this has helped to clarify their paths.

Many thanks to Megan Cox, Annabel Evans and Karen Flecknell from Central Bedfordshire College and well done to the class who used the time well to glean as much information as they could.

October 5th, 2013

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Just before Easter, 6 year 9 students had work selected for an open exhibition at Luton Hoo Walled Garden. The opening evening was really busy and it was lovely to see the students and parents there. Well done to Georgia Fanelli, Rhianne Harvey, Courtney Humphries, Josh Schliebe, Caitlyn Ferrari and Penny Kearey. You should all be proud of your work and your selection for the exhibition. All other pieces by schools were produced by sixth formers and university students so to see the work of year 9 students holding their own against much more experienced artists was a very proud moment. Particular congratulations go to Josh Schliebe who won 3rd prize as judged by the head of Art at the University of Bedfordshire.


Josh Schliebe accepting his award



The artworks in situ

October 5th, 2013

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