Thursday 20th June 2013

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to go to the University trip as a gifted and talented student in physical education. It was an amazing trip which opened many doors in my head for my future in sport. It made me realise how much sport can offer to an individual and how many opportunities there are, it doesn’t matter how old nor what gender. I looked at it from all different angles of the different topics in sport; looking at the heart, Body composition, Testing athletes, Environmental sport testing, and testing cells. I found doing sport science really interesting as we were in the lab. It all looked very good and it did make me think of what I wanted to go into in sport. I would love to go into sport in the future and I’ve taken GCSE PE so the opportunity is already opened I’m on the right track to getting to where I want to be. I will most probably take P.E at A level. I also toured the University and saw the rooms and the library, and also got told about the financial side of university as in living costs, accommodation, the course fees and more. We went into a learning room and a very successful man told us about his journey and adventures he has been on throughout his life and we also did a bit of practical. It helped us improve our teamwork and thinking skills. At the beginning we played a few games of dodge ball with the captain of the dodge ball team and he told us how he got to where he is now. Overall I really enjoyed my day and I learnt a lot from it.

Shannon Stack. (9MR)

The trip to the University of Bedfordshire was really interesting and entertaining throughout the whole day. They were all so nice to us and introduced us to everything they had to offer for the students who attend there. We played dodgeball with the captain on the dodgeball team. Then they showed us round their sports science labs, and introduced us to all of the equipment that they use and all the technology that has helped things like improve football. They have an environmental chamber which was able to change the temperature and humidity of the room. We were told how they perform experiments on muscles and how the body reacts to different things. We then listened to a man who has done many things like travel across Iceland. He told us about his experience and then took us to do a practical. We were split into two teams and had to get from one side to the other using equipment. This needed team work and we all performed this well. Everyone at the University was welcoming and gave us all the information we needed. It was a good day out and I would like to do more things like that.

 By Millie Henderson-Williams (9AS)

October 5th, 2016

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All Saints Academy Pilot A Peer Led Anti-Smoking Project On Behalf Of NHS Stop Smoking Service Bedfordshire

Kick Ash is an anti-smoking project led by young people, for young people that has been successfully running in Cambridgeshire for several years now.

Following on from that success, Bedfordshire Stop Smoking service decided to pilot it in this area. We were approached by them and asked if we would take part and run the pilot at All Saints.

An Assembly was held and Year 10 students were given the opportunity to apply to be a Kick-Ash mentor.  Training sessions with the Stop Smoking Service and Trading Standards, were followed by a busy six months spreading the “ Proud To Be Smokefree” message.
If you would like to know more about Kick-Ash please visit  or follow us on Facebook (Kick Ash UK) or on twitter @KickashUK

Rosie Michael

Kick-Ash @ All Saints

Project co-ordinator

October 4th, 2016

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Year 3 & 4 Change for Life Sports Festival hosted by All Saints Academy

The Academy hosted the Change For Life Sports Festival for years 3 & 4 here at the Academy on Tuesday 7
th May 2013; it was the first festival to be held here on the new 3G pitch. A total of six local lower schools attended the event and had a fabulous day, they were able to try a variety of new activities and sports, students and the teachers of the lower schools were also very impressed with the new building and the outdoor facilities, with many students saying “wow, this is amazing” as they entered the Academy. Staff were also very impressed with the building, one stating that “the festival was an excellent opportunity for the students, our facilities are very limited so this is great”.

The event would not have been able to run without the help of our wonderful leaders and our Gifted and Talented students so a massive thank you goes to the following students: Shannon Stack, Moly Smyley, Ciara Craig, Rebekah Gearey, Millie Henderson-Williams, Ellie Wheatley, Jonathan Wyllie, Jordan Knight and Ellie Bastian. Also thank you to the year 13 Dance group that opened the festival with a brilliant dance routine, once again this was much appreciated by all staff and students at the event.

October 4th, 2016

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Official Opening

On Monday 16 September 2013 we were delighted to be joined by Bill Rammell, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of The University of Bedfordshire, who officially opened the brand new external Sports facilities at All Saints Academy.


We were joined by over 100 Year 5 children from Houghton Regis Primary Schools (Hawthorn Park, Houghton Regis Primary, Thomas Whitehead, Thornhill and Tithe Farm) who, led by All Saints’ student Sports Leaders, took part in a range of team-building activities and football and hockey tournaments.

Aaron Mays (Head Boy) and Rachael Elmes (Prefect) spoke briefly to welcome and introduce Bill Rammell who spoke about the partnership between the University and All Saints.

After the event Bill said “I was delighted to take part in the Official Opening and to meet so many of the students who will benefit from the new modern facilities. The relationship between All Saints and the University of Bedfordshire goes from strength to strength. We are proud to share in your success – on the sports field, in the classroom and in the recent tremendous exam results. The results at All Saints keep rising and rising – there should be no limit to our ambitions. Well done to everyone involved and I look forward to cheering all the sports victories to come!”

An enjoyable day was had by all.

June 5th, 2013

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All Saints Academy Olympic Day – Tuesday 20 March 2012


All Saints Academy held an Olympic Day on Tuesday 20 March 2012. All students were involved in activities across Curriculum Areas which relate to the Olympics. The purpose of the day was to make all students aware of the Olympics and experience different aspects of how they could be involved; it’s not just about Sport!

“………the important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete……..not victory but combat…….not to have vanquished but to have fought well…..not winning but taking part…..” – Pierre de Coubertin (the founder of the modern Olympic Games).

Activities were run by teachers in Curriculum Areas along with assistance from Sixth Form students taking those subjects. A taste of the activities on offer were creating logos and mascots in ICT; enacting the opening and closing ceremony in Dance and Drama; investigating the Science of the swimming pool; Media and Marketing; investigating Olympic venue sites in Business Studies; History of Olympics; Olympic gods and goddesses translated into poetry; and studying the Olympic record trends in Maths.

The Olympic values were very much in evidence throughout the day:  Respect, Courage, Friendship, Determination, Equality, Excellence and Inspiration.


“Fantastic” – Member of staff

“A fun, active social team building event……….we should do it again” – Year 12 student

“I have really enjoyed the day doing all the sessions” –Year 9 Student

“My favourite was the posters, and it was great seeing some of the staff dressing up” – Year 9 student

Everyone at All Saints Academy is now inspired to get involved in more Sport, and taking part in these activities has raised enthusiasm and awareness in the run up to the Olympics London 2012.

March 5th, 2012

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