10 Benefits of Homework

    There are many benefits to homework, a whole list can be seen below.

    1. Homework teaches students about time management.
    2. Homework teaches students how to set priorities.
    3. Homework helps teachers determine how well the lessons and material are being understood by their students.
    4. Homework teaches students how to problem solve.
    5. Homework gives students another opportunity to review the class material.
    6. Homework gives parents a chance to see what their child is learning in school.
    7. Homework teaches students that they have to do things, even when they don’t want to.
    8. Homework teaches students how to take responsibility for their part in the educational process.
    9. Homework teaches students how to work independently.
    10. Homework teaches students the importance of planning, staying organized and taking action.

    Homework is a very important part of the learning process and we would like to partner with parents in ensuring it is suitably completed.
    All homeworks shall be set on Show My Homework which can be accessed online.
    You should have received a PIN via a letter home (from your child), but if you haven’t, please contact student reception or the assistants to the heads of year to support you.
    Ask for Jo Ojulah and explain you would like your parent PIN.
    They will be able to read it out to you over the phone, then just follow the link on our website to register and set your passwords for future use. Students should also be recording details of homework in their planners.

    Show My Homework is available as an app as well as a desktop site so if you or your child do not have access to a computer at home, you can still access all of the information from your phone or their phone.

    Show My Homework




    To assist in the completion of homework we ask that you encourage your child to discuss their homework with you, you give them time and space to complete it, and when they ask for help you support them to the best of your ability. If a student is ever struggling with homework, their teacher is more than happy to give additional advice and guidance – just don’t leave it to the last minute!

    Use the links below to access our resources.


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