GCSE Psychology AQA A

    What is involved in the course?

    The specification is designed to:

    • Encourage students to engage with the subject. By introducing new, contemporary topics
    • Generate practical classroom activities
    • Make conceptually demanding areas more accessible by setting them in context
    • Allow teachers to select a route through the optional topics that suit their students’ interests
    • Allow candidates to demonstrate the ability to utilise scientific methodology in the context of psychology
    • Develop candidates’ critical thinking skills

    Course Information

    AS Outline: Two examined units amounting to 50% of the total AS Mark. 25% of the total A2 marks for each unit. 1 hour 30 minutes per exam

    • PSYA1 – Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and research methods
    • PSYA2 – Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and individual differences

    A2 Outline: Two examined units amounting to 50% of the total A level mark.

    • PSYA3 – Topics in Psychology (exam: 1 hour 30 minutes)
    • PSYA4 – Psychopathology, Psychology in action and Research Methods. (exam: 2 hours)


    Market research, social work, teaching, nursing, advertising, sales, media & broadcasting. Personnel management and even the police and armed forces