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    Mr Ross Brain
    Teacher of MFL

    Ms Victoria Lake
    Teacher of French & Maths


    Learning a foreign language is an important skill which teaches the learner to understand how language is used for communication, one of the criteria which many employers seek. A GCSE in a foreign language is a requirement for the English Baccalaureate and for many university courses.

    Here at All Saints Academy Dunstable, we offer both French and Spanish to GCSE and A level, numbers permitting.  Students cover a range of topics at GCSE, including Tourism, the Environment, Business and Employment and the Media.  At A level, students learn about a range of current issues such as changes to family life, the influence of the media and life in the Hispanic world.

    Students will be taught the grammar they need not only to succeed in examinations, but to use language in the real world.   They will follow an accelerated language learning program from year 7. They will learn how to manipulate language so that they can communicate in real life situations. This, in turn, supports the development of literacy skills which are relevant in every area of the school curriculum and the wider world.