Curriculum Leader

    Miss Caroline Room

    2nd in Curriculum

    Ms Jo Astin
    Teacher of Humanities

    Subject Teachers

    Mr Iain Grant
    Teacher of Humanities

    Mr Miles Walbank
    Teacher of Humanities



    In the Humanities Curriculum Area we believe that all students have the ability and right to succeed and our key aim to develop in the students a real interest in the Humanities subjects. We consider an understanding of the world around us of great importance both educationally and for the great social development of our students.

    A humanities education at All Saints Academy Dunstable recognises and explicitly acknowledges the human basis of the learning experience. It focuses on the human dimension of the curriculum, the area which deals with people and their interaction with their environment, in its historical, geographical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual dimensions.

    We encourage students to be reflective and empathetic when learning about the past, to be analytical when learning about the present and to be imaginative when considering what the future might look like. We wish the students to develop the skills and enthusiasm to become life-learners, and to foster an open-mindedness towards other people and cultures, as well as a sense of responsibility to the world around us. Lastly, we want to help our students to develop independence as learners and enjoy challenging them at all levels in their learning.


    At KS3, students study one hour per week of Geography, History and Religious Studies. Please use the links below to explore what each subject offers at KS3 and the topics of study.


    All students are entered for RS GCSE and students currently choose between continuing their study of Geography or History at GCSE. From September 2016, students will have two lessons per week of RS and two lessons per week of either Geography or History.


    Students who choose to stay on for 6th form can currently choose to study History A-level and Geography A-level. Students receive between 4 and 5 hours per week in lessons from specialist staff as well as additional revision time afterschool. From September 2016, we will be offering Religious Studies as an A-level.

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