In Media students are offered GCSE and A Level as pathway option subjects at KS3/4 and KS5 respectively.

    The Media Studies course attracts an increasingly large number of students every year because it makes learning interesting, challenging, creative and fun. It offers rigorous but accessible learning on a subject of key importance.

    Young people today are immersed in a world of media technology and communication. In Media studies students learn about key media institutions and the products they make. Students also learn about how media institutions target audiences.

    Typical areas of study

    • Newspapers
    • Music Video
    • Magazines/Comics
    • TV & Film studies
    • Radio
    • New Media

    Media courses typically require students to be able to apply textual analysis skills to a product;

    Students learn about the ‘key concepts’ which they then apply as an analytical tool. Students develop hands on practical skills in the production element of the course. Students research products and create their own product for a target audience. Projects typically involve creating a music video, video film trailers, radio shows, creating a website, and producing a magazine or newspaper.