Key Stage 3

    In year 9 all students will have timetabled Drama lessons as part of a rotation with Art, Dance and Music.  Students will learn key dramatic skills and techniques with the opportunity to explore lighting and sound elements of performance.  The year 9 curriculum is heavily centred on developing team working skills that are essential in many areas of school life.

    Key Stage 4

    Students that opt to continue studying Drama are entered for GCSE Drama building on the core skills covered at Key Stage 3 through the exploration of Drama text.  Students will gain an understanding of explorative strategies to apply when developing drama using script and stimulus material.  Assessment for the GCSE will be 60% internally assessed and externally moderated.  40% of the final grade is awarded following external marking of students performance exam at the end of year 11.  The course involves working with others regularly and students must be motivated to share ideas and take on board those of others. Students will learn how to create effective drama through application of skill and technique.  They will also many skilled that are valued highly in any walk of life.

    Key Stage 5

    In year 12 students will study AS Drama and Theatre Studies on completion of which they continue onto the A-Level in year 13.  At this level students explore many different styles of performance and have to interpret text as well as develop their own performance pieces.  40% of the A-Level is internally assessed and externally moderated with 60% externally examined.  The external examination is based on a performance at the end of year 12 and a written exam at the end of year 13.  The course demands practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure.  Units cover different aspects of study including taking part in productions as well as studying plays and playwrights.   Students need to be curious about issues and ideas and have a creative instinct for communicating their views through drama.