The structure of art at All Saints Academy has been designed to give students the experience in using a wide range of art techniques, methods and materials. Students study Art at KS3 and then can choose to take art as an option subject at GCSE with a view to progressing their art studies on to A-Level.


    Students studying GCSE will work to the AQA Art & design specification. 60% of the grade comes from coursework and 40% from exam. The coursework consists of a minimum of 2 extending projects covering 4 assessment objectives.

    Students look at artists, designers and crafts people, developing critical and analytical skills in all projects. Students learn to record and explore using a variety of materials, processes and techniques.

    Finally, students develop personal and meaningful outcomes for their projects. Throughout the course students become more independent and self directed in the direction of their studies. The art exam is a practical exam which is 10 hours and taken late in the spring term or early in the summer term of year 11.

    AS/A2 Art

    During level three art and design students experience using a range of skills and techniques. One class which students particularly enjoy is the live drawing class. This class involves the whole class setting up a scene which is related to the content of their studies and each student takes it in turns to draw certain aspects of this scene.

    Students can use any materials the only rule is that each drawing is times and they must use as many new and different materials as possible in the one session.  Some students are even brave enough to model for certain scenes!

    This is a very enjoyable experience for students as they experience drawing to a very large scale, at a very fast pace and they use lots of new and different materials.