October 25th, 2017

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Academy Achieves Best GCSE Results in 5 years!

All Saints Academy is celebrating its best GCSE results in 5 years with 42% of students achieving 5 A*-C grades including English Language and maths. This is an 18% increase on last summer’s results and the best since 2012, during what has been a challenging 5-year period for the school.

The new measure of English and maths has improved by 9% this year to 44%, with 29% of the whole Year 11 cohort achieving 8A*-C grades or more.

Ten students achieved 11A*-C grades with a special mention to top performers: Megan Adams (2A*s, 5As, 3Bs, 1C) – with her mother below, Minthaki Jayakody – shown below – (1A*, 4As, 4Bs, 2Cs), Amber James (3A*s, 4As, 2Bs, 2Cs) and Pavan Asodia – shown below – (1A*, 3As, 4Bs and 3Cs).











Nine students achieved 10 A*-C grades and a further 10 students achieved 8 or 9 A*-C grades.

Principal, Liz Furber, commented, ‘The students have worked incredibly diligently this year and strived for the best results. It has been a year of many changes nationally, such as the introduction of the 1-9 grading and new-style exams in English and Maths, where coursework can no longer be relied upon.’

‘There has been an amazing improvement in the last 12 months; students and their parents should be very proud. I would like to add my thanks to the staff here at All Saints, who are firmly committed to securing the best outcomes for our students and have worked tirelessly. The turn-around in results is due to everyone being student focused, from the dedicated staff and our committed Governing Body, through to our sponsors, the Diocese of St Albans and the University of Bedfordshire. Next year we will be aiming even higher!’

Shirley Hollis, Chair of the Outcomes Committee, added, ‘The Governing Body would like to add their congratulations to all students and staff who have achieved such fantastic results. This is due to the incredibly hard work and dedication of all involved.’

October 16th, 2017

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All Saints Academy is celebrating a sustained improvement in ‘A’ Level and Vocational qualifications in the 2017 KS5 examinations, with the average point scores per entry continuing to rise. We are extremely pleased to share that twenty two students have received a university place for September and one student has already left to attend university in America. Many of the students who chose not to apply for university are now pursuing apprenticeships to continue their education in a vocational setting instead. We hope this inspires students currently in Key Stage 4 to work their hardest and continue in the Academy Sixth Form with the knowledge that they will be fully supported to achieve their future career and educational ambitions.

Special mentions go to Cameron Hawthorne, Rebekah James and Olga Pazvakambwa who achieved the equivalent of 5 ‘A’ Levels each; Media- C, Sport Extended Diploma – D*D*D*, Hospitality Sub Diploma  – A for Cameron; Health and Social care – D*D*, Sport Extended Diploma – D*D* D* for Rebekah; Applied Science Diploma – DD and Sport Extended Diploma – D*D*D* for Olga seen below.

Head Boy and Head Girl, Jason Lee and Shannon Stack, below, achieved highly in the Travel extended Diploma – D*D*D* and the Business Extended Diploma D*D*D* respectively. Shannon also gained an A* in her EPQ and is off to Southampton to study Business Management.



Liz Furber, Principal, commented, ‘The students have worked harder than ever and have been striving for the most challenging of grades. Staff have inspired these students over the last two years and encouraged them to aspire highly and to be the best they can be. In particular Jason and Shannon have taken on many extra duties in their roles as Head Boy and Head Girl and have been wonderful role models for the younger students. We are very proud of all of our students and their achievements and wish them well as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.’


August 16th, 2017

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Our Careers’ Clinics are an opportunity for our Year 11 students to receive final guidance and support with their future plans.

You are welcome to book a one to one appointment for 30 minutes (subject to availability)or you may wish to join one of our one-hour group clinics covering CV writing, interview techniques and assistance with application forms.


Careers Page – Click Here

June 10th, 2017

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Dear Parents/Carers

Examination Arrangements for Thursday 8th June

The Academy is being used as a polling station on Thursday 8th June and we had originally planned to keep the Academy open. We now firmly believe that it would be more prudent to close to all students except for those sitting examinations. There will be a skeleton staff on site to support students taking their examinations, including the Senior Leadership team. I apologise for the relatively short notice given, but trust you will understand the need to put the safety of our students first particularly in light of recent events in Manchester and London.

The arrangements for Thursday are as follows:

 Students sitting public examinations should arrive at the Academy at 8.30am and should enter at the Sports Hall entrance.

 A cold breakfast will be provided for students and we will issue them with a bottle of water.

 The warm-up for the GCSE Maths exam will take place in the Pink Wing and there is access to water and toilet facilities in this area.

 The examination will start at the published time of 9.15am with the majority of students in the Sports Hall and those with special access arrangements will be in rooms situated in the pink wing.

 At the end of the examination, students will exit via the Sports Hall entrance and leave site immediately.

All actions related to the General Election will be taking place in the Green Wing, with security from the Local Authority in place to manage movement to and from the main gate. Our internal doors will be locked preventing access from the Green Wing to the other wings of the Academy. We will have practiced our Critical Incident Plan with our students before Thursday so that they are freshly aware of the correct procedure in the event of an incident.

The TLM exam due to take place in the afternoon will be rescheduled and, as soon as we have the new date and time, we will let you know.

We would ask that all students support our arrangements by being prompt to arrive, by remaining patient during the warm-up and admission to the examinations and by leaving promptly at the end of the examination. We are clear that these measures minimise risk to students without compromising their critical examinations.

Yours sincerely

Andy O’Rourke

Acting Assistant Principal


June 6th, 2017

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In response to the events in Manchester, it is possible that children will be feeling anxious about the news coverage and the discussions that may be taking place in the Academy and on social media. Here at All Saints Academy, we have taken the initial step of showing our respect in the wake of the tragedy and have focused our young people on a practical and positive activity through which they can show support. We have also given guidance to our staff, following the advice provided by the PSHCE Association, to help them address concerns and conversations that students may be having.

There is a Freephone helpline for those affected by the media coverage of the incident in Manchester on 08088 020 021 and the numbers for members of the public who are concerned about individuals who may have attended the concern is 0161 856 9400. To report anything suspicious please call 0800 789 321.

At all times, we will follow our normal safeguarding procedures to ensure the well-being of our students. If you receive a text or phone call asking you to verify the whereabouts of your son/daughter, please respond promptly.


Elaine Boyd
Vice Principal
(Behaviour and Safeguarding)


May 31st, 2017

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May 31st, 2017

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“The school no longer requires a category of concern. The school is now improving rapidly and continues its journey to being a good school.”


Dear Parents and Carers

I am absolutely delighted to inform you that the recent Ofsted inspection took All Saints Academy out of a category of concern. We are no longer “inadequate” and have been judged ”requires improvement”, but as you can see from the headline above, Ofsted feel that we are on a journey towards becoming a good school.

I would like to thank all the staff and students for the effort they have put in over the last fifteen months since I arrived at the Academy. With continued team-work we will aim to take the Academy on the next part of its journey to “good”!


Best wishes

Liz Furber



Here are the linked attachments:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Report RAG’d by Principal
  3. Full Report


May 31st, 2017

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May 31st, 2017

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March 14th, 2017

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