SIAMS Inspection

    As a Church sponsored Academy, in November 2011 we underwent a SIAMS inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools).  Although this is a different type of inspection, the responses from it are all the more encouraging.  A few of the Inspector’s comments:

    • All Saints Academy is a good school with some outstanding features.
    • There is a distinctive Christian character that runs through all aspects of the Academy.
    • The leadership is Outstanding and infuses students and staff alike.
    • There is a sense of purpose and vitality within the Academy.
    • The Principal and Chaplain are able to identify and articulate an educational vision for the Academy embedded in a strong Christian theology.
    • The Christian principles and values that run through the Academy reflect the commitment and enthusiasm of senior staff.
    • The Act of worship seen on the theme of Remembrance was Outstanding.
    • There is an overt sense of energy, dynamism, purpose and enthusiasm which percolates the school.
    • Students and staff work hard in support of charities.


    Click below for the report
    SIAMS Inspection Report